OpenSTF: Connecting to Katalon Studio

Andre Kurnia
3 min readMar 11, 2022

**Note: Before we began, please make sure that you follow all the guide that I made here and you able to access the OpenSTF dashboard with connected devices in it.

OpenSTF and Katalon Studio.

NB — make sure you are in the same connection with the OpenSTF server.

In this case, we’re going to explore the setting dashboard first.

In the setting dashboard, there are several sub-menu that might useful for you. There are,

  1. General menu — general menu is the quick settings that settings the OpenSTF (not quitely useful settings to be honest.)
  2. Keys menu — is the place where critical that can generate access token and also save your ssh-rsa key from your local machine to be saved in the OpenSTF system for ADB conection between your local terminal and OpenSTF.
  3. Groups menu — the place where you can setting, add, delete group just like i explained before.
  4. Devices menu — is the place where you can setting the device, not quite much option. It’s just like delete unused or unwanted devices.
  5. Users menu — the place where you can add or delete user to let them in the OpenSTF dashboard.

Before we deep dive on the Katalon automation stuff, please ensure that you already install Android Debug Bridge on your PC (locally). You can install it by using brew install adb or sudo apt-get install adb on your PC. Usually it will installed automatically when you installed Android Studio in it. Just ensure the it through command adb --version. After it installed, then run these command,

adb tcpip "<DEVICE-IP>"
adb connect "<DEVICE-IP>:<DEVICE-PORTt>"

Where the server IP itself is the same IP for the device, and the port itself is generated and you can see on the menu Control/Dashboard/ADB Connect. Here’s for the example,

NB — sometimes the first command for adb connect might error output, but when you re-runt the same command, the output is connected. kinda weird, but i tried many times and here’s the result. smh.

To ensure the ADB connection connected or not. you can run adb devices to let you know that device you input on the adb connect is connected, or offline. If it appears offline, you can re-run the same command over and over.

Then after adb connnect resulting connected device, you can use the Katalon Studio and see the device attached in the Katalon Studio.



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